1/14/15 Mid January Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Tried to give it a shot for tarpon today in the everglades.  Forecast was off it was suppose to be light southeasterly winds and sunny, however it was hard north winds with fog.  Stayed pretty dreary most of the day.  Unfortunately this was not great for tarpon fishing conditions although the water temperature was at least in the mid 70s.  We struggled trying to find mullet only caught a few, but we did manage to get into a good school of ladyfish to catch for bait.  Tried setting up in some of the channels where the tarpon were last time we found them before the previous cold front.  Not much activity from them we did have a few shark bites when the current started finally moving.  After that ran off the beaches of the mainland, current was moving good there and sun finally came out as the wind switched more easterly.  Looked like a pretty afternoon.  Unfortunately no tarpon to be seen here either, we did catch plenty of sharks though.  Oh well nothing is guaranteed especially tarpon fishing in January in Islamorada!  Another front is expected Friday so I don’t think I’ll be trying again for a little while.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk