8/8/17 + 8/9/18 Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades Florida Keys

8/8/17 – Got out for fun with my dad and Stephen Byrd, marina manager, yesterday.  We were trying to do a little photography and filming with some tarpon.  The bite wasn’t quite as good as the previous day but we managed to hook 3 fish, unfortunately 2 of them came off (on myself of all people… goes to show it can happen to anyone!)  But Stephen landed a nice 60 lb fish we got some good video and some good photos.  We tried for some triple tail later on, saw a few but they didn’t want to eat and was hard to see them anyways with bad lighting from clouds.  Anyways a fun day.  1 for 3

8/9/17 – Today I had Brad and Mike down from Ohio.  We started off in the same area as the last few days, but today it was even slower.  After a bit we saw a jumping tarpon, we moved over and managed to get a bite and Mike landed his first tarpon.  After that we got a shark and things slowed down.  I ventured further out west to open water, since the winds had laid down a little from the last few days.  I hadn’t been out there in a couple weeks and wanted to give a look.  We didn’t see much, but after a couple moves we saw some busting and got on to some tarpon.  We had 6 bites, mostly on the slack tide, and smaller fish that were tough to keep on the hooks.  But Brad finally was able to land one so he got his!  After that the sharks bit well we caught some big blacktips, lemon sharks, and a nice hammer head.  It was a great day the guys enjoyed pulling on anything big and we had plenty of that.  2 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk