2/27/15 Late February Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Well today the conditions were much nicer.  We started out in the backcountry and did have a bit of fog and chill in the air, slight north breezy in the morning.  We messed around with some smaller fish, redfish, trout, etc…  Tried tarpon fishing one of the backcountry channels and caught several sharks and a cobia.  Did see one tarpon roll, but tough to get past the sharks.  Definitely not a lot of tarpon in the area though I did not think as the wind at this point had laid down and was fairly calm, sunny – the type of conditions where you would normally see plenty.  Anyways we ran back towards Islamorada and finished up in the local channels we fished the other day.  Saw a few rolling fish, had one flash behind the boat eating some bait.  Though he did not bite for us right away.  Eventually we hooked and landed a nice 60 lb fish, great way to end the day.  David got to catch the fish he’d been after!  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk