7/26/16 July Tarpon fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Got out today for some more late july tarpon fishing in islamorada with Mike over from the west coast of california. We got out early and caught bait right away which was easy again.  Found tarpon in the same channels as the day before, however today they weren’t very happy.  We jumped around several times and just couldn’t get a bite out of them, fishing the last couple hours of incoming tide.  The old saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ played itself out as we watched a fellow captain catch one who I had clued in on the fish the night before.  Anyways that is the way the cookie crumbles!  Afterwards we fished several other areas and found tarpon in one other spot but they wouldn’t eat.  We caught several sharks including a hammerhead which was cool.  Finally the last stop of the morning with the tide falling now, we gave it a little extra time we got a nice 80 lb tarpon.  A nice way to end the day in a spot I hadn’t fished in a long time, glad it paid off!  1 for 1