7/25/16 Late July Florida Keys tarpon fishing in the Everglades

Got out today after having the last week or so off.  I had some company in town so a few planned days off but it was pretty slow anyways ended up having a couple extra days too.  Funny though first week of august I am slammed for 7 days in a row… go figure!  Anyways I fished today and looks like a couple more trips later this week too.  We got out after some tarpon the conditions were good, light winds in the morning that picked up a little in the afternoon.  Bait was easy we crushed the mullets and found the tarpon thick and happy in one of the channels.  We fished the last couple hours of the tide and had 7 bites and landed 4 tarpon, it was incredible.  Afterwards we caught a couple goliath groupers, some big sharks, and a few trout for dinner.  All in all a fabulous day!  I think fishing will be very good throughout the week, I have some days off on wednesday and thursday I think which will be lobster ‘mini season.’  If you are here for that and want to go fishing it can be good as there is NO lobstering in everglades national park so you can get away from all the crazies!  Anyways tomorrow I’ll likely give the tarpon a try again the conditions should be good the next few days.  4 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk