4/14/14 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in April

This morning had a half day.  We did some snapper fishing for dinner and then gave the last hour a try for a tarpon.  Got lucky and had a couple bites, hooking and catching one nice fish of 40 lbs or so.  This evening I had another tarpon trip.  We left a little early to get a bit more of the falling tide which was good the afternoon before. Today was tougher we did not really see many fish rolling and after an hour or so we did hook one and got him to the boat but he jumped off.  After that a few more sharks, a hammer head, and a big jack.  No sign of tarpon in a couple other spots.  We finally ended up dead baiting a channel edge and right near dark we had a couple good bites, one that seemed like a tarpon but no jump.  Then one that was a tarpon for sure.  We chased him down and got the leader on him.  But he pulled the hook before we could get good pictures.  Oh well fun action though.  Have a 3/4 day tomorrow we will see how it goes!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk