11/24/15 November Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well been out of town several times as of late so I haven’t been fishing a whole lot.  Though I have been here and there.  Fishing had been tough overall things were still incredibly warm with fits of high southeasterly winds.  Not much had been very happy.  We had our first taste of cool weather sunday night.  When I say cool I don’t mean cold as it only got down to 70!  Anyways fishing since has gotten a little better.  Today we had good action with mackerels, snappers, jacks, sharks, and you guessed it even some tarpon at the end of the day.  We hadn’t planned on it though I had plenty of pilchards left over at the end of the day.  It was too rough to go where I wanted so we fished around a channel mouth where we often catch bait in the mornings.  I had seen some snook there recently and had hoped we could catch a few.  Anyways no snook but we did get some good tarpon action, jumping 5 fish and landing 1!  Not a big guy they were all in the 5 to 20 lb range, but lots of fun and great way to end our day.  No pictures unfortunately!  Anyways I’m going out of town again for thanksgiving.  As stated winter fishing is lots of action for the most part and not very good tarpon fishing so don’t expect to see too many updates.  Though there is good fishing for other things and you can drop me a line to see whats up!  1 for 6.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk