6/23/19 June Backcountry Tarpon fishing in the Keys

Great day with Charlie, Ron, Brandon, and Kevin. Charlie and Ron fished with me last year and experienced some great tarpon fishing. We started off with that today. Caught a bit of bait on the way and fished some areas that looked good. Saw a few fish and didn’t take long and both Kevin and Brandon landed a tarpon! One big one too almost 100 lber! The tide quit and we looked elsewhere. Found some fish where I was last week and the tide was starting to fall. However they weren’t so happy we moved a couple times and finally hooked up but we got wrapped up in some hard bottom and broke the tarpon off. A few sharks kept us busy though. After that things seemed to quiet down, so we decided to take a look for something else. We got lucky and found the motherboard of permit! It was action as fast as you could cast for a bit. We caught several doubles and even hooked a triple header! Even threw some artificials as we ran out of crabs and had luck with that! Just a banner way to go ish our day and something special to see. After that we headed home. Back at it tomorrow with this crew again, hope were twice as lucky tomorrow but I’ll be happy if we’re half as lucky!  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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