6/19/19 June Florida Keys tarpon fishing report

6/18/19 – Had Ed and Rochelle out today!  We ran out early into the backcountry.  Found tarpon where I’d been fishing the last week or more again.  We got one straight away and Rochelle landed a nice 80 lber!  After that we had a couple more bites but just couldn’t keep ’em hooked!  Caught a couple nurse sharks and then we decided to switch gears.  Snook/redfish fishing was tough for us we caught one redfish and catfish every where we went.  Southwest wind and hard tides with the full moon made it not so great in all the areas where i’d been doing well recently.   Anyways at least the tarpon fishing was good for us!  1 for 3

6/19/19 – Wow what a day with Max and his girlfriend Ella! Max was after tarpon and hopefully a permit. He’d hooked some tarpon before but never got one to the hand so we hoped to change that. We ran out into the Backcountry and found some happy fish. Didn’t take long and Max was hooked up! He was a great angler and took instruction well, bowing to the king, not pulling too hard when the fish was going berserk, and applying pressure when the fish wasnt running hard. He ended up catching three! His girlfriend Ella also caught one which was awesome. After that we decided to see if we could find Max a permit. It was a bit rough but not too bad at all for the Contender Bay Boat. We found the water looking nice despite the southerly wind. As soon as we drifted in we saw a huge school of permit! We hooked one and Max landed his first Permit! After that they got a little tougher… Just staying deep and running, harder to see with the swells. We had a few more shots and did hook one more but a shark got it. After that we headed back towards home! What a day, it’s always great when you can fulfill somebodies fish wish, especially two of them!  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing