4/16/17 April Tarpon Fishing Full Day Charter

Got out with Aaron and Britney today they also had another couple fishing alongside with Capt. Jim Willcox.  We ran into the backcountry but it wasn’t an easy day.  We got out where we had good tarpon fishing a couple days ago, and should of had the start of a nice falling tide.  However with the extreme winds and weird tide cycle, we had almost no current for the first couple hours, and that always makes for tough fishing!  We moved around and eventually caught a couple sharks, but didn’t see much for tarpon life except a couple random jumpers.  We tried the channels later in the day, Capt. Jim ended up having 1 bite though they lost him, and all we had was a few more shark bites.  Tough day after the day we had on Friday I thought today would’ve been a home run, but with the tough conditions things got cold quick.  Hopefully it’ll get better, not booked tomorrow still but have had a couple people ask so might get out there.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk