2/24/18 Full Day Everglades Tarpon Fishing Charter

Got out with Gareth and Claudia visiting from over in South Africa.  Gareth really wanted to try and catch a tarpon.  We dedicated the day to it.  It was a little nasty out, scattered showers in the AM and a hard 20 knot southeast wind.  Bait was easy we loaded the well with fresh bait and headed out into the backcountry.  We found a few tarpon in the first channel we fished, somewhere I hadn’t fished for tarpon yet this year.  No bites out of them but a few sharks and a couple big sting rays.  Not a ton of tarpon but we definitely had a couple roll around us and saw a few more on the sonar.  After the incoming tide quit we moved out to the channel where we had caught one yesterday to catch the start of the falling tide.  Nothing going on here though we never saw a fish and didn’t have any bites.  I then took a gamble and hit some of the open water areas I like to fish as there had been tarpon out there a few times.  It was pretty rough we didn’t see any tarpon showing, but we did have good shark activity out here too with some big blacktips, bull sharks, and toothy grey sharks.  Tough day for the tarpon but looks like the winds will start to subside tomorrow and we may have a very nice week coming up.  Calm and warm should mean a lot more tarpon should show up.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing