8/8/16 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report in August

We got out today but only got to fish for a little bit the weather got us unfortunately.  We made the run back into the backcountry this morning and caught some bait on the way.  It looked nice when we left on the radar.  Though by the time we got back there there was weather brewing close to home and blew up into a huge frontal line that took a while to go over the bay, with more coming behind it.  Anyways we got to fish for an hour or so, where we found tarpon yesterday and they were there.  But today they were not happy we could not entice a strike.  Hopped around several times but no dice.  We tried to go out and around the weather towards the gulf side but it kept building, so we had to hide in Flamingo for a while until it passed.  After it did there was more weather coming so we just bolted home and turned it into a half day trip.  Stinks when you have to do that it is pretty uncommon but today was just one of those days.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk