8/7/16 August Tarpon fishing Florida Keys

Got out in the backcountry august tarpon fishing in islamorada with Steve, Steve, and Michael down from Texas.  They fished with me last year we had stellar fishing for both days then.  Today I told them things weren’t quite what they were last year which has been true.  Luckily we got on bait early, had to make a few throws but loaded up nice on mullets.  The flamingo tarpon fishing was pretty good we found fish in the first channel we stopped.  Caught one right away and then caught another one after that, big bruiser at 100 lb or so.  The latter one took about a 45 minute fight!  Afterwards the tide had switched and started to fall we had a couple more shark bites and landed a nice lemon shark.  We ran out to check off the beaches though not much for tarpon life out there we caught several sharks and that was it.  Finished the day trying to catch a few trout for dinner but didn’t have much luck, we found a handful of trout and ladyfish and that was it.  Anyways great day always very glad to get a couple poons!  Back at it tomorrow.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk