8/6/17 August Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out today again for a full day of tarpon fishing out of Islamorada, Florida Keys.  Tarpon was on the agenda and we headed into the everglades.  Stopped for bait back there, it wasn’t real easy to catch but we managed a couple dozen again.  The falling tides in the morning haven’t been as easy to catch bait but we’ve been able to make it happen.  We hit the channel where we fished yesterday, saw some fish roll, but didn’t get a bite right away.  After 45 minutes or so we hooked a shark, and then a tarpon on the other line!  We chased him and landed him and the shark cut us off, but glad to have gotten a tarpon early to take the pressure off especially after the longer day we had yesterday trying to get one.  After that we moved around a bit, saw a splashing tarpon outside the channel and moved in on him.  Got bit pretty quick and landed another tarpon which was cool.  Had a few triple tails swim up and we caught a nice one for dinner.  Then we drove around looking for triple tails and saw a few more, one of which we caught which was fun.  Then we saw another tarpon rise up and we caught him near the end of the tide.  Things were cooperating nicely but we had to work for it and keep moving, no sitting in one spot like we had been the last few weeks.  After that we did some light tackle stuff catching some ladyfish for fun, and then headed home.  All in all a banner day.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk