8/14/15 August Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Tough day for us today we got out early and I had a little bait left over.  Was hoping to get some more on the way back.  I checked further to the west where there had been some in the afternoons, but we did not see much at all this morning.  So I ran off the beaches where we had good fishing a few days ago.  Today it was ghost town however we did not even have a shark bite.  Moved around 3 different times and fished it pretty hard.  When I was just about out of bait we saw a free jumping fish about a 100 yards out but didn’t have the bait to go try to fish there.  Anyways we spent a good amount of time after that looking for bait to no avail.  The falling tides have been very hard for bait, there was some mullet around but way up on the flat where I couldn’t get to them, and as soon as the boat got within 100 feet they were scattering.  We gave up on the tarpon and tried to catch some smaller stuff, but even those fish didn’t want to cooperate.  We caught a handful of snappers and then called it a day.  Can’t catch ’em every day!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk