5/21/16 May tarpon fishing report

Got out this morning for a half day and we caught a nice little tarpon in the backcountry.  They weren’t where they were the day before, we caught a few little sharks there.  But we found some around flamingo and got one to bite at least and landed him.  Didn’t see much else though only a couple rolling in the channel where we got the 1.  1 for 1

This evening I had the same crew again.  Unfortunately it was slow fishing again.  We had a few cheap shots on our mullet early and I thought we would get one, but didn’t happen.  We moved around and tried some different areas.  No dice.  We did find some fish rolling off the edge of a bank and set up there to fish for a bit, finally had one bait get a little nervous and jumpy though nothing ever pounded him.  We put our crabs out and we had a couple mystery bites on those, got the crabs back with a few legs missing though I dont think they were tarpon bites.  Anyways slow night our sister boat didn’t catch one either they jumped one off.  Going early tomorrow we will try to catch the falling tide first thing then run into the backcountry to try back there.  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk