5/20/16 Islamorada Tarpon Fishing in May

5/19/16 We tried to get out in the morning it was nasty weather a lot of rain and lightning.  Anyways we were able to sneak out for almost a couple hours in the morning before the sun came up and the weather got real bad.  We did have plenty of tarpon around the boat and I would of swore we should’ve gotten a bite, but no dice.  We decided to call it quits after the weather got bad a bit later.  Got out in the evening and we had slow fishing.  Ran down to the big bridges and saw a few fish being caught though we couldn’t get a bite!  We ran back up near home and fished the local channels and did finally get a couple bites on our live mullet, though we missed them.  The guys wanted to be in at 8:00 promptly, otherwise I definitely would’ve stayed the extra little bit as I’m pretty sure we’d of gotten one hooked within a few more minutes, but no dice!  0 for 2

5/20/16 Today we were really after sharks and more action as the guys had fished the previous night for tarpon with another guide and didn’t have much luck.  We tried an area but even the sharks weren’t cooperating so I ran to a different spot.  There were tarpon rolling everywhere and we jumped a fish fairly quickly.  A little later we finally hooked and landed a nice smaller 40 lber.  Then we caught a few sharks and a big sting ray.  Then we moved a little bit as the grass got real bad drifting in the channel.  We hooked and landed another smaller tarpon of 50 lbs or so.  And a couple more small blacktip sharks.  Anyways a nice surprise.  2 for 3

5/20/16 Went out this evening and we had a slow night.  We worked very hard I went and caught plenty of fresh bait this afternoon.  Had a few cheap shots and one bite we missed fishing the big bridges.  The sister boat who was fishing the same group as us was in the right spot and we watched them catch 3 which was a little frustrating but oh well.  They seemed to be the only boat getting bit.  Anyways I gave it an extra half hour with the guys and we fished the local channels near home until 8:30 but not dice.  A couple tough nights for me lately hopefully tomorrow is better!  I won’t really be taking any more night trips unless on short notice for the rest of the season, when I know the fishing is good!  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk