5/18/16 Islamorada half day tarpon fishing report

Got out this morning and we fished locally close by for a half day.  We had good strong incoming tide and a bit of weather around though it didn’t rain on us.  Kept nice and overcast which was helpful i think.  Anyways we hooked a big fish early on and chased him around for a good 45 minutes, got him to the boat but he broke on the leader before we could get good pics.  Then after that we set back up and saw a few more fish roll.  Moved around a bit to get lined up, and eventually hooked another one we jumped off right away.  We put the baits back out and literally 30 seconds later we hooked another one – nice!  We fought this big girl for over an hour, about a 150 lber very large fish!  Anyways we finally landed her but same thing she broke through on the leader.  Got one good jump shot of her though.  Anyways after that we fished a little longer and called it a morning.  Was glad to have good fishing as it was the same customers from yesterday and we had at tough day.  All you can do is go give it your best again though!  Anyways tomorrow I have a 3/4 day will be trying a similar routine and may go run down towards marathon to fish the big bridges if my live baits stay lively over night.  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk