2/12/14 Prefrontal tarpon action

Well had an afternoon half day trip today.  Originally we were suppose to be doing a tarpon trip, however the customers wanted more action and I told them the tarpon fishing around town middle of the day would likely be tough duty.  Especially with a honking 15 kt south/south east wind.  So we caught a bunch of snappers for dinner, some big jacks, and then just gave it a try for the last hour.  I had caught a load of mullet early this AM so we had plenty of fresh bait.  We put dead baits out in one of the channels and had several black tip sharks.  After 40 minutes or so I saw a couple fish roll – good sign.  Within 10 minutes we had a big 100 lb tarpon on.  A few nice jumps and one that gave in fairly easy, had him boatside within 20 minutes, just in time to head on home.  So every tarpon trip so far this february has been a success, not a lot of fish on any given day but at least one and a few days with two.  That’s really good in my book for the first couple weeks of february!  Though the fun may be over for a little bit we have a cold front coming through.  20 knots out of the west tomorrow, then north for a few days.  Not going to get really cold but will likely slow the tarpon fishing down for at least a few days until it gets nice again.  But who knows may give it a shot tomorrow if it’s really looking nasty in the backcountry!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk