6/4/14 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Evening

Went out for a 4 hour evening trip tonight, 4 to 8.  We caught some fresh mullet for live bait and had a few from the day before.  Bait wasn’t easy but we scraped a dozen together.  Fishing wasn’t great we had the last of the incoming tide, ran down to ch 2 and it was very weak current.  Did not see many fish I spent 15 minutes or so just idling around looking, only a couple rolling and a few on the bottom.  We set up for 30 minutes or so, several boats down there, but did not see much action at all.  I talked to some other boats, nobody really doing much.  So we ran back up near home, tide would be falling good there by now.  We set up and within 20 minutes, hooked a nice 75 lb fish.  Fought for 30 minutes or so and landed.  Caught a couple sharks and that was about it for the evening.  Two boat trip for this june islamorada fishing charter.  The other guys also landed a tarpon next to us and jumped one other one off.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk