4/20/17 April Tarpon Fishing Half Day Islamorada

Got out with Anton and his son and father today down from Boston.  Fishing was tough we had high winds blowing 25 out of the east.  The hard winds have the tides kind of messed up… You try to go somewhere based on the tide table and the tide/current is not doing what it is suppose to.  The hard winds have it backed up.  We tried some of the local channels early and found some fish but they were unresponsive.  The tide was coming in early on for the first 30 minutes or so then quit, but never really started falling it just stayed kind of slack the next couple hours everywhere we went it seemed.  We tried by the bridges and I had heard a couple fish were caught there first thing this morning, but by 8:45 when we got down there, the bite was done with.  We tried back up near home, and still had slack water in the channels and never had a bite but did catch a few sharks.  The tide was then coming in again under the bridge when we came home, very weird as I said it never seemed to fall at all!  Anyways looks like it’ll still be a little windy over the weekend, and MAYBE sunday it’ll lay down.  One can only hope!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk