6/7/15 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in June

Ran back into the everglades this morning.  Early start and found the mullet in one of my usual areas.  Nice to see the summer time bait showing up with consistency.  We made a couple throws and were able to get 3 or 4 dozen.  We ran back off the mainland to some areas where the tarpon had been recently.  Last trickle of incoming tide I was hoping it was going to be falling already so we had to wait for it to turn around.  It took a while almost an hour before it really started moving.  We were able to catch a few sharks while waiting at least.  Finally saw a few tarpon roll and we tried to set up on them, however the little sharks were horrendous!  You could hardly keep a bait out.  I moved several times in front of rolling fish, only to have the sharks eat us alive before the tarpon could get to the bait.  Finally I moved back to an area where the sharks weren’t so bad and hoped a tarpon would find us.  Luckily one did, young Cody was able to hook and land his first tarpon a nice little 35 lber, perfect size for him.  After that more sharks!  We checked another area and did not see much.  So I ran to some channels where there had been a few tarpon recently.  We didn’t see much for life, but I set up and we put our baits out.  After about 25 minutes we hooked a nice 65 lb fish that Russ got to land on his own rod, he was happy about that.  The fish gave up pretty easily for the lighter rod we were using, and was hooked right in the top of the lip where they usually give you a much harder fight.  Maybe he was over heated?  Anyways after that not much other action we tried another 30 minutes, and then decided to make our way home!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk