6/6/15 June Tarpon Fishing Half Day Islamorada

Had a half day this morning.  Right now it is usually better to book a 3/4 or full day as the everglades fishery has been a little hotter, plus the bait is catchable back there.  Bait has been very tough to come by locally.  Luckily I caught some back there the other day and still had some leftover.  We took off early in the dark so we would have a couple hours of falling tide at least.  It paid off.  We hooked a nice ‘mud marlin’ early on and got him to the boat for some pictures.  After that we eventually hooked a nice 75 lb tarpon.  A good fight we chased him around and he only jumped once and then was fighting us down and dirty.  Eventually we got him up for some good pictures.  After that the tide was really slowing and it was tough to keep our baits out away from the boat.  A tarpon picked up a bait and did a big loop around the boat and jumped on the other side, taking the line completely around the engine and other line that was out.  Luckily I was able to get around everything and we got the other lines in and chased after the fish!  We got him to the boatside on the leader though pulled the hooks on him before we could get good pictures, though a technical catch anyways!  After the the tide slacked for a while and eventually started in, but the bite was over with.  We were glad to have gotten out early!  I have full days coming up the next several days.  With the weather staying nice and calm, the tarpon fishing in the everglades should stay hot!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk