5/17/14 + 5/18/14 Windy days tarpon fishing in islamorada

The last couple days have been tough yesterday we had 30 mph winds and today it was nicer in the morning 10-15 but was 20-25 by the end of the day.  We had another late cold front hit us and it is really late in the year for that.  Usually by mid april they are done with.  Anyways tarpon fishing has been tough the last couple of days.  Bait was very tough the last few days but today finally there was a few good schools around in the morning.  Yesterday we had a couple cheap shots in the morning but couldn’t connect, then we did some rod bending mid day, and tried again for tarpon the last hour.  But no success.  Today we tarpon fished all day.  We had lots more bait though fishing was tough, north wind in the morning, then swung to hard east later in the day.  We saw fish every where we went, and had ‘cheap shots’ in every spot, but the fish just did not really get the mullets.  We had 8 or so blow up or boil on the baits, and one grabbed a bait and spit it right away.  The fish were just not really happy.  I saw a couple fish caught today though most people I talked to struggled.  The water temps in the everglades dipped back to 72-73, though I think I may run back there tomorrow to do some other fishing.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk