4/4/13 Tarpon fishing in Islamorada

Well been getting back to tarpon fishing now that the last cold front had been over.  The last few nights had been a little tough, we went 0/3 last night losing a fish in the bridge and not getting tight on the 2 before that, but that is tarpon fishing in islamorada for you. Today we made up for it though we went 4/4 in the backcountry everglades tarpon fishing this morning by 10 am.  This evening we did an evening tarpon fishing charter and went 4/9 which is great fishing.  All fish on live fresh caught mullet this morning!  8/13 in a day, woo hoo!  The wind is suppose to crank tomorrow and blow 30+ mph so may not be good fishing for a few days, plus the temperature will dip slightly but not too cold.  We may try dead baiting a bit around the channels as there won’t be many other options, but that is a good one for a day like that!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk