7/6/13 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in July

Well after some days off and a few half day snapper/trout trips, got back to doing a little tarpon fishing today in the everglades.  The july florida keys tarpon fishing has been decent, with smaller 4o-60 lb fish being found in some of the backcountry channels.  Mullet were not real easy we had to wait till the tide really fell out before they got off the flats, and had to be patient but ended up getting a couple good throws and probably 25 fresh bait mullet.  We tried fishing off east cape though mostly just sharks there, and then tried some channels around flamingo on the later incoming tide.  We had bites pretty quick, and ended up catching 1 out of 3 possibly 4 bites in an hour.  This time of year you may have to look around a bit for tarpon they can be there one day and gone the next for no reason – but if you find them and have the fresh mullets you can usually get some good action!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk