6/21/18 June Everglades tarpon fishing in the florida keys

Got out with return customer Dave and his buddy Rich today for some tarpon fishing.  We hit it out early and made the deep everglades run.  Was a little worried we had a wind shift and it was blowing out of the west which can really goof up our fishing sometimes.  Though the wind wasn’t cranking it was 5-10 mph.  I figured we’d give it a look back where I’d been going and could hit some other stuff on the way home if we stuck out.  Anyways it was pretty good back there, didn’t look real nice with an onshore breeze and swells kicking up some mud, but the fish were there.  We jumped a big tarpon to start with and caught a few sharks.  Then Rich got a big snook!  Later on Dave got a tarpon, and Rich jumped another tarpon.  Then Dave got a big snook too even bigger than the first one.  We caught a few big blacktips, a big lemon, and big nurse shark as well.  Constant action not going more than 5 minutes without a bite I don’t think.  By 9:30 or so though the tide quit and it seemed to be over with.  We decided to cut it short to a 3/4 day and headed on home.  My buddy found a few tarpon in one of the channels as we were riding home we saw him fighting a double header but he said it was his first bites of the day.  So at least that’s promising hopefully the channels a little closer will continue to get better as we get into July.  Back at it tomorrow.  1 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing