Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Had a full day and stuck around town tarpon fishing all day.  Fellow captain Ben Ekblom had the other part of our party so we fished nearby each other.  Early in the morning we had to wait a bit for action but after an hour or so we had a big tarpon crash our mullet, unfortunately we didn’t hook him.  Minutes later he was behind Capt. Bens boat and they hooked up and fought him for over an hour.  Not much other action there, we went and caught some more fresh bait mullet and set up in a different channel.  Right away we had 2 tarpon bites we missed, but finally on the 3rd we hooked a nice 60 lb fish that we landed.  Capt. Ben reported similar action down near channel 5 bridge, they missed a couple fish and then hooked and landed one.  After the tide quit and started in we didn’t have much other action with tarpon, though we did get into a good blacktip shark bite for the last 45 minutes before calling it a day.  So we went 1 for 4 with the tarpons, with best action being in the morning with the falling tide – though the previous week or so the afternoon incoming tide had been good.  Funny how things change!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk