2/24/14 Banner day tarpon fishing in february!

Today I had Sergio & company again for a day of tarpon fishing.  We caught bait this morning and went into the backcountry.  My buddies boat broke down that was taking the other half of his group, so they all piled on my boat.  We had a tarpon on within 5 minutes and saw fish rolling everywhere, very happy!  Next we waited for a little bit, some shark bites, and then we hooked a double header tarpon!  We caught them and continued fishing, catching 3 more nice tarpon.  All fish were 60-90 lbs.  We came home early when the incoming tide quit around 12:30, only a 6 hour trip and 6 nice tarpon.  Of course I’m leaving on vacation now that the fish are happy but I’ll be back in a week to beat up on them some.  March is getting VERY busy but I may have some evenings available if your looking to tarpon fish, let me know!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk