3/17/14 Banner day tarpon fishing in Islamorada

The wind was blowing but fishing was red hot.  The incoming tide with the wind behind it plus powdery blue water being pushed in from offshore made for good fishing.  We caught bait early this morning, they weren’t easy but we finally got a good toss up on the flat in the dark and caught about 30 baits.  Most of our action was on dead bait today but we caught 4 out of 4 big tarpon 60 to 100 lbs.  The first one never jumped once and was a moose 100+ lbs.  The rest were much more acrobatic.  We had a couple other zip the baits that sounded like tarpon but can’t know for sure.  Afterwards we went snapper fishing and we even caught a baby tarpon while snapper fishing, they wouldn’t leave us alone today!  Great day 5 tarpon.  Taking a day off tomorrow suppose to be blowing hard from the west as we get another minor front.  Good day to get some rest!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk