4/5/14 Keys April Tarpon Fishing Report

Fished a morning half again today.  The bite was on the slow side again the fish don’t seem very happy for whatever reason.  The wind had laid down nicely and good falling tide for most the morning.  Saw a few fish in 2 spots out of 5 that I fished again.  We caught 1 of 65 lbs or so right off the bat.  After landing him we went back and had another good zip that I think was a tarpon pretty quickly again.  I was licking my lips thinking it was going to be very good… but after that no more tarpon bites the rest of the morning!  We caught a big jack, sting ray, had a couple sharks on, and that was about it.  Though things should really warm up now as it is getting very calm and I think the fish will really start to pour into the channels, basins, and be moving along the shorelines.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk