4/3/14 and 4/4/14 More Islamorada Tarpon Fishin’

Tarpon are still biting.  Yesterday we had a full day trip.  We went 1 for 3 in the morning around town here.  Several other boats in ‘the area.’  It’s that time of year anybody gets a whiff of where fish are biting and next thing you know there are a dozen boats there.  We went in the backcountry after that as fishing slowed down and too many boats around.  We caught another 1 out of 3 tarpon back there making 2 for 6 for the day.  We also caught a variety of sharks including lemon, blacktip, blacknose, and nurse.  Today fishing was tough we had a morning half day.  We only had 1 for sure tarpon bite that we caught thankfully and 1 other fish boil on a boat but not eat.  I talked to several other guides and reports were similar from at least half a dozen other boats – a bite or two if you were lucky.  Not sure what happened the fish just didn’t seem happy I only saw a handful roll and fished 5 different spots.  The one fish we caught a couple boats saw us fighting him and ran and fished right where I was anchored previously meaning I had to leave the spot after… this time of year gets ridiculous with the out of town guides/weekend warriors.  Please if your fishing and boating down here show some respect to those that live and work here full time trying to make a living!  We also got ran over while fishing later in the day by another boat and a jet ski tour, idiots will drive right over your lines.   Oh well thats my venting for the morning at least we caught a nice fish and I got some great pictures.  More tarpon fishing the next couple mornings stay tuned for the report.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk