Mid June Tarpon Fishing Report

Well a few days ago the wind kicked up southwest for a couple days and the tarpon fishing seemed to go from full throttle to having to invest a lot of time for just a bite or two.  But that’s fishing!  Luckily we’ve still managed to catch a tarpon every day despite the change, and we even had some banner fishing deep in the everglades on a couple days as well.  I had Charles and his son Wes for two days, we stuck around the bridge on Day 1 and had 3 tarpon bites in the first half of the day and kept one on the hook that we got in for pictures, plus we got a nice mutton snapper for dinner.  We finished that day in the backcountry catching some trout.  Day 2 with them we took a gamble and ran deep into the ‘glades where I had some good tarpon fishing at this time last year.  It paid off big and we had I think a dozen bites, getting 5 tarpon on the leader and one up for pictures.  Yesterday I had Mark and his friend Joy, we didn’t spend a ton of time tarpon fishing we had a good day with redfish, snook, and trout, but we finished up the the last hour of the day around town and we caught some sharks, a sawfish, and in the last few minutes got a nice 90 lb tarpon!  And today I had my regulars Pride and Cile, we went deep into the ‘glades again and found a bunch of tarpon in one of the same areas.  We landed two and missed 4 or 5 others, and then mixed it up with some other stuff as well.  So that’s the game right now and things may turn on again here soon locally, but for me I’m probably sticking in the backcountry for the most part from here on out.  The regular backcountry areas should start filling back up with tarpon once the spawning is over in a couple more weeks here.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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