8/15/17 Everglades Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Dan Styf today he fished with me a few years ago and we had caught some nice tarpon in the summer.  Today it was pretty slick calm early and then a nice light easterly breeze later on.  We caught bait and saw tarpon rolling out in the open water as soon as we got in the area I wanted to fish, we had to jump around a few times, but eventually got in front of some hungry fish.  We had good incoming tide for a while and we ended up getting four nice tarpon, all big ones in the 65-100 lb range!  One never jumped which was cool I thought for sure it was a big blacktip shark, and another one we had to fight for a good 30 minutes he dragged us for quite a ways.  Also one fish we didn’t get to the hand, but got him on the windon leader next to the boat and he took off and spit the hook on another jump but got our technical catch anyways!  Just an epic morning you can’t ask for much more than that…  We also caught some blacktips and a big lemon shark.  After that we tried off the mainland and caught the start of the falling tide.  Didn’t see much for tarpon our there though we caught some little sharks.  We got a nice triple tail that floated by, and then spent the rest of our time looking for them.  We had several shots and hooked one more but he got off near the boat.  Wow what a day just everything Dan had asked for.  I’m fishing the next few days then out of town Saturday, I’ll be back on the 23rd and have some availability from then on to the end of the month.  The tarpon bite has been strong and can remain that way through October sometimes.  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk