8/14/17 August Florida Keys Fishing for Tarpon

Got out with Chad and Michelle today for a 3/4 day after some tarpon.  Had very light southerly winds, not my favorite direction but it wasn’t howling so all was good.  We caught bait on the way there and hit some channels.  Didn’t see much activity early, we sat for a bit in one spot with no action.  Eventually did see a tarpon roll and we scooted over there, and got a shark bite soon after and then Chad had a tarpon bite that was missed unfortunately.  A buddy of mine had pulled up in the area where we were before, and within a few minutes he actually hooked double header tarpon!  We slid back over there nearby and he took off to chase one of the fish because it was big.  I was about to give up and after 25 minutes or so, Michelle hooked a nice 60 lber that we landed.  Didn’t get any pictures myself since we were having to do battle and it was a wily fish going under the boat a few times.  We got it on the leader but as soon as Michelle took some wraps to go for pictures, it kicked it’s tail and snapped the leader.  Oh well but a good release.  We then headed out towards the mainland to try for the last hour.  I didn’t see a whole lot out there but did see a little bit of busting and a possible fish jumping, we set up and caught a bunch of blacktip sharks but no tarpon bite.  I then moved in near shore where I had good action a few days ago, we didn’t see much but after 20 minutes there we jumped another tarpon.   Smaller guy that didn’t want to stay on the hook.  After that unfortunately it was time to go.  Was glad that we got one, wish the others had stayed on the hook but that’s fishing.  I’m booked the next few days and will be out there after them, going out of town this weekend and then will be back at it the following Wednesday.  I have good availability near the end of the month and definitely in September if anyone is looking to go.  We catch tarpon all the way through October.  1 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk