12/6/2023 December Tarpon on a chilly Islamorada day!

Capt. Stephen got a nice tarpon yesterday fishing with my dad even though it was pretty cold!  Normally cold weather kinda kills the tarpon bite though they got one fishing a pilchard in the backcountry for snook.  You just never know!  There have been a good amount of resident tarpon around and I bet when it warms up again tarpon fishing may be a viable option again.  Capt. Trent got out a couple evenings ago too before this front came in and they hooked up with a couple tarpon on an evening trip though didn’t land either of them.  Typically once February rolls around we start really somewhat expecting to catch tarpon again as it warms up in the spring.  Though through the rest of this month and January, if it’s 80 degrees and the water gets into the mid 70s, it can be an option especially if we have the bait for it.  I wouldn’t necessarily book a trip expecting tarpon, unless you are booking it last minute and we say the conditions are good and we have the bait.  But if you are good to fish the conditions, the guys at Islamorada Tarpon Fishing are willing to give it a shot and put in the work if it seems feasible, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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