11/19/23 Capt. Trent on some juvenile tarpons!

Capt. Trent got out for a half day today with a father and young son for anglers.  We recently have a crazy tropical system pop up out of nowhere last Thursday.  Really intense the winds got up to 80 mph clocked at alligator lighthouse and we had torrential rain.  I woke up and it legit sounded like we were in a hurricane at midnight!  This of course did throw a monkey wrench in the fishing for a few days, as when the bay gets all stirred up like that it can make fishing a little tough.  But in the bigger picture and the long run it’s a good thing as we get a lot of fresh water to help with salinity and heat, and the wind stirs up and moves around a lot of the dead sediment in the bottom that can hold toxins and pollution.  Anyways that was 4 days ago but now things had a chance to settle back down.  Trent found some pilchards for live bait and fished some local bay islands.  The juvenile tarpon were happy he said there were quite a few stacked up there.  They hooked several and landed two, and what a great catch for his 6 year old angler!  They also got plenty of mangrove snappers for dinner and ended up extending there trip because they were having a good time!  Great to see the fishing coming back strong after that storm.  We have fairly good weather conditions for the forseeable future, a bit of wind in a few days but then back to the standard 10-15 of the fall.  Larger resident medium size tarpon are definitely still around I know Capt. Steve was out the day after the storm and said that was a little tough but of course the day after you never know what you will find.  But with water temps still hovering in the mid 70 degree range and a few more days for things to settle down, I’m sure they’ll be out and about this coming week.  Capt. Trent has plenty of days open from now through Christmas and is offering a discounted rate too.  If you want to book a trip please drop me a line or call the marina office 305-664-2461 and ask for Capt. Trent!

P.S. We normally do not boat tarpon though juveniles under 40 inches may be removed from the water for a quick picture before release.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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