11/13/23 Great tarpon action out back with Capt. Stephen!

Capt. Stephen ran a trip yesterday for a full day in the backcountry of islamorada in november.  It was a nice day with 10-15 mph winds out of the east/northeast… typical fall breeze with slightly cooler air getting more of that northerly quadrant as it does.  Water temperatures are still pretty warm near 78 degrees out in the backcountry which definitely isn’t too cold for tarpon!  Steve said mullet were plentiful they caught a few on the way into the backcountry along with there well full of pilchards that they used for snook.  Tarpon were in several areas as I reported the day before and I let Capt. Steve know that.  He said sure enough they stumbled in to them right off the bat and had action out of fish right way, even hooking a double header!  They landed one and got him on the leader though he broke off before they could get pictures handling him boatside.  After that they hit some snook spots and did pretty well, then found some more tarpon in another channel.  Sure enough these guys were happy to play and they jumped another tarpon and ended up landing another. This time the fish was nice and cooperative for a boat side release shot!  After that they found some redfish when the tides peaked around some shorelines.  Banner day getting a backcountry slam for each of his clients!  As I’ve mentioned we may continue to have some good late season tarpon action here as long as the weather stays fairly warm.  We’re getting some wind tomorrow with a weak front coming in, but temperatures aren’t suppose to fluctuate too much.  So I think we may still have some viable shots at tarpon for a bit longer.  Looking at the longer 7 day forecast after tomorrow it’s suppose to get nice again with some calm days over the weekend.  I think that could be very good for that tarpon bite if anyone is looking to go… friday, saturday, sunday, and monday look really good from here.   If you want to fish for tarpon let me know I’ll give you my honest opinion on it, and of course if I can’t take you and Capt. Steve does I’m working very very closely with him so we share all the details on what is biting where and when.  Hope to get you out soon!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing
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