11/12/2023 November Tarpon still around!

Well it’s mid November and we’ve had our first touch of winter with a couple of cold fronts in the last few weeks.  Nothing major but it did drop into the high 60s for a few days at times and has since warmed up.  November typically is when I start to tell people tarpon get to be much more hit & miss, as the colder weather and water temperatures usually lead to less numbers and activity out of tarpon.  Though we have plenty of other productive fishing options.  However today the water temps were back up to about 80 degrees which is plenty warm for the silver king.  We weren’t really fishing for tarpon though we found them in 4 different areas of the backcountry which is pretty good numbers to see for this time of year.  We ended up catching a nice 40 lber on a pinfish which put up a great battle.  I think if we would’ve had our mullet and put time in we could’ve caught several tarpon today.  Anyways we have another weak front coming in a few days mid week though the temperatures aren’t suppose to really drop at all though it’ll be blowing hard for a couple days and might rain some.  But I think once the wind lets up tarpon could definitely be a possibility.  I will say there are still plenty of mullet around so bait is available.  If you are interested in tarpon fishing let me know I’m happy to give you my honest assessment if it’s worthwhile or not but for the time being I would say yes.  I’m also starting to book 2024 dates for myself personally as well as my team of captains.  If you want to get on the calender for prime dates let me know!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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