5/23/17 May Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with the same crew as yesterday the New England boys.  We caught some pilchards in the backcountry as we were planning on doing a little snook fishing but tarpon was on the agenda too.  It was rough and nasty where we had found fish off the mainland yesterday… south wind kicked up good 15 mph, which is about one of my least favorite winds in the backcountry.  Anyways it was mudded out and didn’t see any fish, so we bailed and went snook fishing.  Snooking was decent, not a lot of fish but we caught some very nice size ones I think 7 in total.  After that we decided to try tarpon for the last couple hours of the day.  The channels looked good and were a little protected with green water (not too muddy).  It looked like it’d be fishy and we did catch a tarpon there yesterday, but today it seemed dead.  We moved a couple times, and fished very hard, but only had a couple shark bites and that was it.  Sounded like a tough day for a lot of guys as the wind mixed things up, just when it seemed like it was going to get nice and calm.  Looks like it’ll blow the next couple days and of course get nice the day I go out of town!  Oh well hopefully it’ll be nice when I get back.  0 for 0