5/22/17 May Tarpon Fishing Everglades Full Day Florida Keys

Got out on a two boat trip today along with Capt. Mike Bassett.  Tarpon was on the agenda and I had a good bit of bait from yesterday still.  We found some tarpon in one of the backcountry channels and had caught the tide change.  After 20 minutes it was coming in OK, tarpon were rolling frequently.  We couldn’t get them to bite though, made a couple little moves but no luck.  The sharks were active and we got some bonnet heads and a big lemon shark.  We then ran further back and had to look around a little, but saw a few signs of them busting and splashing.  Again had to make a couple moves, had fish literally jumping behind the boat, and finally got one to eat!  Landed a nice 50 lb fish and then jumped off another one about 30 lbs.  We also got some big sharks including a couple hammerheads, and had a triple tail eat our tarpon bait that we caught as well.  We hit the channels on the way home again, and caught plenty of blacktips and then the last bait out we got a 90 lb tarpon to finish the day!  All in all a great day, have the same crew tomorrow we are going to tarpon fish some and then mix it up with snook hopefully at the end of the day!  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk