4/25/14 Backcountry Tarpon Fishing Report

We were not really focused on tarpon today.  My anglers wanted fish for dinner.  So we did that most of the day.  But we did give tarpon a try for the last hour after I talked them into it!  We fished some of the backcountry areas since we were back there anyways and I wanted to see if the fish were too.  The recent late cold fronts had made the fishing back there inconsistent and tough, though the last couple days were flat calm and warmed right back up so I thought they may move in.  I was right we only fished the last hour and right at the change of the tide but we caught 1 out of 2 tarpon and a couple sharks.  Nice way to end our day.  I’ll be doing a full day tarpon fishing tomorrow and likely heading back there to get away from the crowds in town here.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk