5/28/14 Afternoon tarpon fishing in Islamorada

Well I got the bad mojo off finally.  We caught a nice tarpon this afternoon of 85 lbs or so.  Started back around flamingo again in the morning, caught some bait back there.  My net got caught on an underground tree limb though, busted a couple brail lines getting it back, but still in one piece and had some mullet in it!  Anyways we tried for tarpon back there for an hour in the morning, saw a few but no bites but did catch a couple of big rays.  After that we bent the rod a bit with some trout and ladyfish.  Then we ran back towards islamorada and caught the tide change.  We caught a few big jacks, had a couple great barracuda bites, and then finally hooked into a nice tarpon that we landed.  I heard the fish around town were a little more active this morning too, going to look for bait early and probably stick it out around the local areas if I can load up with mullet tomorrow.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk