7/28/20 Late July Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out the last couple of days and I’m going out of town until next week right now.  But it looks like some tarpon may have finally shown up and settled into the backcountry… All July had been a little tougher fishing – we’d been catching some tarpon, but almost every day had been a grind with just a handful of bites.  Nothing super consistent, fish moving around, lots of rain/wind… not making it easy.  Well a couple of days ago I was fishing a half day trip and at the end we decided to check an area to just catch something big, so I figured why not check one of my tarpon areas as I figured we could at least catch a shark if nothing else.  Well sure enough the tarpon were there!  We only fished for 20 minutes and caught a few sharks… but it was a good sign.  Anyways the last two days we got out there and the tarpon were still there, and earlier in the morning on different tidal stage.  So I think they’ve settled in.  We had good fishing catching three out of five yesterday, and three out of eight today!  I can’t promise anything, but I think we may have a much better August for tarpon than July.  The winds are finally laying out now after blowing 20 mph for 10 days or so.  And looks like it might get real calm next week when I get back.  So if you are wanting to tarpon fish, don’t be afraid to ask me.  Business is going to really slow down here now after the first week of August, so I’ll often have availability short notice.  I also will shoot you straight with regards to how good I think it’ll be – I don’t really care to go if I don’t think we’re going to catch them these days.  But there area also other opportunities, we’re just getting into the time of year where last year I found some really good size snook, redfish, and even black drum in the late summer/fall, so I’m interested to see what happens there too.  So I’m pretty busy through the first week of August, but starting the 10th I have some open days.  And September can be good too, so don’t be afraid to ask about that either.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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