7/4/14 + 7/5/14 July Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Well yesterday was my birthday as well as Independence day.  It didn’t keep me off the water though!  I took my fiance Elizabeth and good friend Mike DePaula just for a couple hours.  We fished close by and left early at 6:30 AM.  Found several tarpon and we caught 2 out of 3, both big fish in the 80-100 lb range.  Great way to start the day for us!  Today I had a charter and we went into the backcountry.  Lots of rain and weather around though we dodged it for the most part.  We tarpon fished first thing, caught some fresh mullet, and it was good.  We caught 2 out of 3 tarpon plus a few sharks.  One fish of 35 lbs and the other was maybe 60.  We did some other things mid day including snappers, trout, and a nice snook.  Then we were driven from the snook areas from the rain and bugs, so we tarpon fished more and had some more luck.  Caught another 2 out of 3 tarpon, these were bigger fish all in the 80-100 lb range again.  So 4 out of 6 tarpon on the day, great fishing for this july!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk