3/17/15 March Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

The tarpon showed up in force today.  Hundreds of them were rolling in channels all across the backcountry and off the mainland everglades.  We were not really able to catch bait this morning and I had a group trip with multiple boats.  So we just caught some smaller ladyfish and fished them while tarpon were rolling all around us.  We caught a shark then hooked a nice 100 lb tarpon we landed.  After that we tried to catch some mullet and got a few but they were very tough with it being slick calm.  We fished a bit more with them, however the ‘red weed’ we get in the gulf channels got really bad and you almost couldn’t keep a bait in the water.  We finished our day in the gulf catching massive bull sharks, tripletail, and some other critters!  Tomorrow we are definitely putting the time in early for the mullet and I expect it should be game on.  1 for 1