3/18/15 Everglades tarpon fishing heating up

Lots of fish again today.  We had a bit of north wind in the morning, followed by it laying out to nothing, followed by some westerly wind in the afternoon, then south when we got close to home on the way in.  Couldn’t make up it’s mind.  But light breezes and the fish were thick.  The tarpon weren’t feeding very actively but were definitely around, we saw plenty of rollers and a few busting and free jumping.  We caught a couple along with a nice bull shark fishing fresh mullet.  As it did the last couple days after the tide started to really roar in, the weed got very bad and you could not longer really fish the channel.  So we finished the day with some triple tail and trout.  I’ve heard there were a lot of fish further up off the mainland and much less red weed to deal with, so may venture up there tomorrow.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk