3/16/15 Tarpon Fishing in March Florida Keys Everglades

Gave the tarpon a try again today.  The last couple days one day I had double half days, we mainly snapper fished and did try for about an hour for a tarpon – no luck but we did catch a big sawfish.  Yesterday we did tarpon fish for a good part of the day, had some shark action, but again no tarpon bites.  Yesterday the weather got very nice though I did not see any fish rolling in 3 different areas we fished.  Today we did start seeing a few fish, though not as many as you would hope for slick calm conditions in march!  Though we did get one to bite I only had half a dozen quality baits and it was a nice 65 lb fish.  We also caught plenty of sharks.  Perhaps after the next moon some big groups of fish will move in and stay for a while.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk