3/13/15 Tarpon Fishing Islamorada March Florida Keys

Windy day again today we had a full day after tarpon.  Had a bit of bait from yesterday and tried dead baiting early on.  No luck but saw some big balls of mullet getting bombed by birds.  We went and caught a bunch and set up with some livies on top.  Had a couple cheap shots and then did have 1 solid tarpon bite though we didn’t hook him.  Caught a couple nurse sharks on the bottom.  Tide started to quit and we decided to run into the backcountry and look.  Fished a couple channels back there but very muddy and a little weedy with the high winds, did not see much for tarpon had 1 shark bite that was it.  We came back near home and caught a big blacktip shark.  Conditions are very tough and there are not a lot of fish around hopefully by the end of the weekend the wind will lay down and hopefully more fish will make it our way.  Right now it’s a bite or two a trip if your lucky, better make the most of them! I have two half days tomorrow and I think it’s just rod bending action and maybe some dinner, though may try the tarpon just for a little while.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk