5/30/18 Late May Fishing for Tarpon in Islamorada

Got out with Nick today for a full day of fishing.  I told him the tarpon bite had been very slow so he was good with mixing things up a little bit thankfully. We tried for tarpon early without any luck didn’t even see any fish.  We then mixed it up with our light tackle tried for a bonefish for a little bit with no luck, but then went into the bay and had very good action for snapper, trout, mackerel, and big ladyfish.  Nice to bend the rod and get some stuff to eat!  We checked a few backcountry channels after that and just absolutely no life whatsoever again, not even a shark bite!  Unbelievable really.  We ran back towards home and got a little more fresh bait and tried by the bridges where I had seen a few tarpon yesterday.  Didn’t see any today though did hear a report that one had been caught there.  We gave it some time and did catch a shark, but never saw a tarpon.  Though one boat did hook one as we were leaving in the general vicinity.  Anyways there are a very small handful of fish around, hopefully after this full moon we will get another push of fish.  If you are fishing down here now, it definitely is advisable to be flexible with what you are targeting!  0 for 0